Painting Course

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  •  24-7-2017
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Автор:Ronald Pearsall
Издателство:Grange Books
ISBN:9781840131567 Тегло (гр.): 1696 Формат: 245 / 315 Състояние: Мн. Добро
Painting Course. Ronald Pearsall - Grange Books

Drawing  9
Watercolour, Gouache and Tempera  93 
Pastel and Acrylic  175
Oil Painting  261


Introduction 11
What is a drawing? 12
What materials are needed? 12
Is drawing difficult? 17
How do I start? 23
Having started the drawing, how do I carry on? 36
Figure drawing 38
Portrait drawing 47
Animal drawing 57
Landscape 63
Townscape 69
Still life 72
Seascape 75
Picture making 79
Framing 92

Being able to draw something in front of you, whether it is a landscape, a figure, or а portrait, is one of the great pleasures of life. There is a challenge, that of representing three dimensions in two, but it is a challenge that should be taken up as it is a skill that can be easily acquired. Drawing is much easier than playing the piano; and, as with musicians, there are naturals. There are men and women - and children - who can look at an object and depict it as it is, not as they think it is, without thinking twice about it. And there are others who have to work at it.

If you can call it work! For the accent of this book is on fun. All you need to start is some paper and a pencil, but one of the delights of drawing is that you can expand your repertoire. You may move from pencil into charcoal, or into pastels or paints; and, if you do, your knowledge of drawing will prove invaluable. It is all very well splashing about with a paint brush, but you have to know what you are doing, even if you are dealing with masses and shapes and not lines and shading.

Drawing offers something for everybody. You may like to go into the countryside and sketch quietly by yourself, or you may prefer townscapes. If you are nervous, and don’t want strangers looking over your shoulder, draw in the comfort of your car. Or you may like to join a sketching club. There are more of them than you may imagine. For there are a lot of you out there!

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