The Hours of the Night

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  •  19-7-2017
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Автор:Sue Gee
ISBN:0-09-927461-2 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 130 / 200 Състояние: Добро
Gillian Traherne, a virginal and eccentric poet, lives on the Welsh borders in an uneasy alliance with her mother Phoebe, а gifted gardener. The arrival of Londoners brings to Gillian a late discovery of love which is both rapturous and tragic.
‘The best border novel since On the Black Hill'

BBC Radio Wales

‘A delightful and - in the best sense - serious novel’ Penelope Fitzgerald

‘In many ways Sue Gee reminds me of the early Iris Murdoch. A small remote community, hedged in by brooding hills and circled by buzzards; a group of singular adults, each with a history and a secret mental landscape... She has a faultless ability to evoke a sense of place... a memorable achievement’

Valerie Grove, Daily Express

‘Loss, and the fear of loss, is the anguished theme of The Hours of the Night... Gee writes with startling freshness’ Penny Perrick, The Times

‘A complex story, beautifully told’

Judy Cooke, Mail on Sunday

‘Sue Gee is serious and subtle in her examination of the way people react to and against each other. She writes beautifully about the land and its seasons’

Sunday Telegraph

‘This stylish novel is about the many forms love can take. Emotional, comic and, occasionally, almost unbearably moving’ Gillian Fairchild, Good Housekeeping
ISBN 0-09-927461-2
780099 274612
UK £5.99 CANADA 
AUS $14.95
** recommended price

Praise for The Hours of the Night

' The Hours of the Night is a wonderful contemporary novel, a story that draws you into the lives of credible interesting characters, as absorbing as village gossip. It is written with consistent clarity and at times the language rises to poetry . . . It transforms the stuff of life into art, without overwriting events or language, and it describes country life as a normal and interesting state, neither eccentric nor twee’

Philippa Gregory, The Suntiay Times

‘. . . moving and immensely readable. Sue Gee is a skilled craftswoman and her novel is full of understanding and passionate feeling’

Publishing News

Sue Gee’s thoughtful novel examines the night of the soul, between the pain of experience and the dawn of discovery . . . The characters are engaging and the narrative profound yet amusing’

Classic FM - The Magazine

‘Gee writes well about the co-existence of late twentieth-century life with an older rural existence. Her passion for literature, music and most of all the countryside lights up the novel... her writing achieves some startling


The Tablet

‘A serious novel, enjoyable and admirable simply by design’


‘I was left wanting more . . . wonderfully absorbing’

Home and Country

‘Gee’s sensitive use of pieces of seventeenth century writing . . . coupled with the lyricism of her own style, constitutes one of the delights of this book . , . It deserves many readers’

Hampstead & Highgate Express

‘A poignant, perceptive and original novel’

Sainsbury ’s Magazine

‘A novel of such brilliance and emotional complexity, it fair takes your breath away . . . The kind of book you just wish never ended and which, once over, is sorely missed’

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