Dictionary of Idioms. W. S. Fowler

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  •  7-5-2017
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Автор:W. S. Fowler
Издателство:Monarch Books
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 120 / 185 Състояние: Мн. добро
This new edition of the Dictionary is designed as an up-to-date guide to common English idioms for foreign learners.

■    The dictionary includes over 4,000 references to idioms most often encountered in speech, newspapers, magazines and modern English literature.

■    Each idiom is presented and defined as a separate entry under an alphabetical list of key words.

■    A wide variety of examples help the student to understand how and when to use an idiom correctly and effectively.

■    Great attention has been paid to clarity of layout for ease of reference.

For further information please contact:

Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd. ELT Department Nelson House Walton-on-Thames ; Surrey KT125PL England
ISBN 0-17 - 555381-

Категория:     Речници, разговорници, граматики
Издателство:     Monarch Books
Година:     1983
Cтраници:     224
Налични бройки:     1
Език:     Английски
Град на издаване:     ---
Корици:     меки
Размери:      120/185/0 мм
Ключови думи:      Dictionary of Idioms

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