Raising Girls: Why Girls are Different. And How to Help Them Grow Up Happy and Confident. Gisela Preuschoff, Steve Biddulph

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Автор:Gisela Preuschoff, Steve Biddulph
Издателство:HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN:9780007204854 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 130 / 200 Състояние: Отлично
This book has much that stirs up your thinking ... We’ve made progress with girls, but as this excellent book points out, we still have a long way to go.’ Steve Biddulph

Raising Girls shows how good parenting skills will make a real difference to your daughter’s happiness and success in life.

Psychologist and parenting author Gisela Preuschoff gives you practical ways you can help your daughter to grow up confident and strong. Preuschoff encourages parents to draw on their own strengths and discusses the most important issues for those who are raising girls today, including:

• how girls develop, physically and emotionally

• how girls and boys are different

• why fathers are so important to their daughters

• how building self-esteem helps reduce fears

• how to choose a girl-friendly school

• how to keep your daughter on track through her teen years

In Raising Girls, Gisela includes helpful stories from real families and encourages every parent to recognize their daughter’s special talents.

GISELA PREUSCHOFF is a psychologist specializing in the fields of parenting, self-esteem and communication. She brings to this book three decades of experience as a family therapist and as a mother.

STEVE BIDDULPH, internationally-renowned author and parenting psychologist, and contributor to Raising Girls, is author of the bestselling Raising Boys and The Secret of Happy Parents.
ISBN 978-0-00-720485-4

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