Top Tips for Starting School. Helen Likierman, Valerie Muter

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  •  6-1-2017
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Автор:Helen Likierman, Valerie Muter
ISBN:978-0-09-192413 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 135 / 145 Състояние: Мн. добро
    Acknowledgements    vii
    Introduction    1
1    How Ready for School is Your Child?    3
2    Develop Language    11
3    Prepare for the Ups and Downs of School Life    23
4    Become Independent    39
5    Make Friends and Build Social Skills    57
6    Learn to Behave    77
7    Learn to Concentrate    107
8    Prepare for Reading    117
9    Prepare for Number Work    143
10 Prepare for Writing    163
    One Last Tip    177
 Index 178

Quick, easy and commonsense advice on preparing your child for school.
Starting school can be an anxious time for many children/ but there are simple steps you can take to prepare yourself and your pre-school child. Written by experienced child psychologists, Top Tips for Starting School will help you to:

•    Encourage your child to develop good social skills and friendships

•    Improve your child's use of language

•    Develop preparatory reading, number and writing skills

•    Promote emotional well-being
Praise for Preparo Your Child for School:

'an easy to read and practical guide' Junior
'excellent advice' Woman's Own
ISBN 978-0-09-192413-3

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Издателство:     Vermilion
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Език:     Английски
Град на издаване:     London
Корици:     меки
ISBN:     978-0-09-192413-3
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Ключови думи:      съвети за училище, започване в училище
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