Bulgaria Tour Guide. Колектив

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  •  4-2-2016
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Издателство:Тангра Танакра
ISBN:9549942996 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 120 / 215 Състояние: Добро
Dear Readers,
In your hands you have the latest edition of Bulgaria Tour Guide. We have tried to present a thorough picture of Bulgaria - its most varied nature, rich culture and historical heritage, its picturesque mountains and Black Sea coast, the attractive resorts and tourist compounds, the busy cities and beautiful villages. To make you notion still clearer, we have told stories of particular events, customs and tradition related to local life-style, we have shared most ancient legends and myths born by the people"s wisdom. The collection of photographs herein will add to your impressions of the country. Your tours round Bulgaria will be facilitated by the maps, the practical information and the index of sights provided. Bulgaria - whatever and whatnot written about this country will not bе exhaustive. People with specific interests would probably require additional information. We have, however, aimed at a balance between the general and popular knowledge of the country, and the latest, intriguing and still not well-known facts. Our intention was to provide the most useful, interesting and accurate information. The efforts of the team were this book to match the logo of all TANGRA TanNakRa guides - they being not just manuals, but source of stories about Bulgaria, about its landmarks and its people whose hospitality and entrepreneurship would make any visit pleasant and unforgettable.
Our team has not spared its preference to some sights and they are marked respectively in the legend to the guide. The team of publishers and authors.

Категория:     Карти и aтласи
Издателство:     Тангра Танакра
Година:     2006
Cтраници:     670
Забележка:     В горния край корицата е закъсана.
Налични бройки:     1
Език:     Английски
Формат:     120/215/25
Град на издаване:     София
Корици:     меки
ISBN:     9549942996
Категория › Карти и атласи

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