Selections From Shaw

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  •  14-2-2019
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Автор:George Bernard Shaw
Издателство:Progress Publishers
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 150 / 215 Състояние: Мн. добро
Selections From Shaw ...A Fearless Champion of the Truth / George Bernard Shaw

Здраво книжно тяло, без забележки в текста.

John Bull’s Other Island 63
Augustus Does His Bit 163

The Miraculous Revenge 185
The Serenade 205

I. The Quintessence of Ibsenism:
The Lesson of the Plays 215
What Is the New Element in the Norwegian
School? 222
Literature and Art 231
An Aside 239
The Play of Ideas 246
Duse and Bernhardt 251
Prefaces: Three Plays by Brieux 257
Heartbreak House 272
Tolstoy: Tragedian or Comedian? 275
Rodin 280
Beethoven’s Centenary 285
I Am a Classic But Am I a Shakespear Thief? 290
On Cutting Shakespear 293
II. Lenin 297
Look, you Boob! 299
Britain and the Soviets 307
The Dictatorship of the Proletariat 310
"Goodbye, Goodbye" 312

To Ellen Terry 317
To Patrick Campbell 325
To Granville Barker 339
To Molly Tompkins 346
To R. E. Golding Bright 351


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