Health and Safety

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Автор:Ian Smith, Christopher Goddard, Nicholas Randall
ISBN:9780406022998 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 140 / 210 Състояние: Мн. добро
Health and Safety / Ian Smith, Christopher Goddard, Nicholas Randall

Health and Safety -The New Legal Framework
Ian Smith, MA, LLB (Cantab)
Hamster, Devereux Chambers; Reader in Law, University of East Anglia
Christopher Goddard, LLB (Hons)
Barrister, Devereux Chambers
Nicholas Randall, LLB (Hons)
barrister, Devereux Chambers; part-time Lecturer in Law at the I ondon School of Economics
London, Dublin, Edinburgh 1993

This book is intended for lawyers, workers, Trade Unionists and employers who are concerned with the law of health and safety. The introduction of the new health and safety Regulations which are the subject matter of this book is nothing short of a revolution in this very important area of the law. This is so not only because of the replacement of the pre-existing law but also because of the European origin of the new protections.

One of our main objectives has been to stress the important interrelationship between the domestic Regulations and the European Community Directives from which they have been taken. We cannot overemphasise the importance for all concerned to keep abreast of developments in European law. Indeed, at the very time that this Preface is being written the European Court of Justice is reconsidering the effect of Directives in domestic law and this is likely to be a continuing process. There is also little doubt that the European Court will be called upon at some time in the future to interpret individual Articles from the relevant Directives and these decisions will need to be observed by the domestic courts.

The aim of this book is to provide an introductory guide to the new legal framework. These radical changes have given rise to many interesting questions and it will be a long time before many of them are resolved. As a result we have largely attempted to give guidance and provoke awareness rather than to offer solutions.

The introductory chapters set out the new Regulations in their context - both from an historical and a European perspective - and the remaining chapters are meant to provide a handy guide to each set of new Regulations. At the end of the text we have also provided some guidance to practitioners on the overall impact of the new Regulations on the conduct of personal injury litigation.

At the end of the book we have provided the full text of the relevant Directives and the Regulations and the substantial body of the Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes which have been produced to accompany the Regulations. The Regulations are set out separately, for ease of reference; each set of Regulations is then followed by the relevant guidance, for cross-reference.

We would like to express our thanks to all the staff at Butterworths without whom this book would never have been possible. Thanks also go to our colleagues in Chambers, the University of East Anglia and the London School of Economics for their encouragement and support. The Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes are Crown copyright. We remain responsible for any errors, omissions or false prophecies.

The law is stated as at 1 February 1993.

Ian Smith Christopher Goddard Nicholas Randall
Devereux Chambers, London

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