Flower Painting by the Great Masters

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  •  6-1-2019
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Автор:Margaret Fairbanks Marcus
Издателство:Pocket Books Inc
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 115 / 170 Състояние: Мн. добро
Flower Painting by the Great Masters / Margaret Fairbanks Marcus

Flower painting by the great masters is stunningly represented in this book. In addition to the more than thirty pages of paintings reproduced in full color there are over twenty pages of black-and-white illustrations of the work of artists as removed in distance as the Oriental and as near in time as Dufy and Picasso. Margaret Fairbanks Marcus of the Cleveland Museum of Art—she is an authority on flowers and flower arrangement as well as an art historian — has written the accompanying text which will help to make this little volume equally irresistible to lovers of art and lovers of gardens.

The Pocket Library of Great Art will ultimately constitute the most remarkable collection of art-in-reproduction ever published. Each new volume, as it presents the life-enriching values which art can give, will bring you closer to that comprehensive knowledge of the great masters which all cultured people would like to have.


"To the millions whose eyes first meet Cézanne and the other great painters of this series, these little reproductions are a thrilling invitation to art." Art Digest

"The publication of these beautifully edited and illustrated pocket-size books is perhaps the major event of the year in the world of books."

Charlotte, N. C., Observer

"Astounding in its color reproductions and accuracy of text...This is the greatest bargain in the world of art books in many a day."

St. Louis Globe-Democrat

"If this isn’t bringing the mountain to Mohammed where art is concerned, I don’t know what is. I hope these handsome little books infiltrate their message of beauty into every home in the country." JOHN BARKHAM Saturday Review of Literature

"With such authoritative authorship and such provocative color prints, these little books are for the art lover a rare value."

HARRY B. WEHLE Research Curator of Paintings The Metropolitan Museum of Art

"These marvelous little books. . . bring art to the millions without any sacrifice of high-quality reproduction and with stimulating and informative biographical and critical commentary by well-known scholars and critics."

Philadelphia Inquirer


The Cleveland Museum of Art

The first known flower subjects appeared on the walls of Egyptian tombs some 5000 years ago. Ever since then the genre of flower painting has been a hardy perennial—a source of inspiration for countless generations of artists and a source of delight for all. Botticelli and other Renaissance artists reserved some of their most exquisite touches for floral details. With the seventeenth-century Dutch and Flemish painters flower painting came into its own as a separate and distinct type.

In this volume the great tradition of flower painting is richly represented and brought up to date with recent examples that present a surprising variety of moods and styles: Renoir’s voluptuous riot of irises, lilacs, and pinks; Redon’s papery, delicate blossoms in pastel; Cézanne’s unadorned, architectonic tulips; Van Gogh’s emotionally charged blooms, and many other full color reproductions of modern flower masterpieces. Lovely flower drawings by Oriental as well as Western artists supplement this stunning collection.

Bruegel • Goya • Flower Painting • Michelangelo Picasso • Rubens • Pissarro • Velazquez Manet • Gauguin • French Impressionists • Modigliani Cézanne • Toulouse-Lautrec • Rouault • Dufy Renoir • Matisse • Utrillo • Degas Van Gogh • Rembrandt * Botticelli • El Greco

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