Population Matters: People, Resources, Environment, and Immigration

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Автор:Julian L. Simon
Издателство:Transaction Publishers
ISBN:978-1560008958 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 165 / 235 Състояние: Мн. добро
Population Matters: People, Resources, Environment, and Immigration / Julian L. Simon

Preface xi
Acknowledgments xiii
Introduction 1
Part 1 Genera! Overview 17
1 Life on Earth Is Getting Better, Not Worse 21
2 Resources, Population, Environment: An Oversupply of False
Bad News 39
3 Letters to the Editor of Science and Reply 55
Part 2 Natural Resources 63
4 The Scarcity of Raw Materials 67
5 Will We Run Out of Energy? 78
6 The State of World Food Supplies 92
7 Global Food Prospects: Good News 103
8 Worldwide, Land for Agriculture Is Increasing 115
9 Are We Losing Our Farmland 118
4.1 The Phantom Farmland in Illinois 131: 1 The Farmer and the Mall: Are American Farmlands
Disappearing? 137
4.2 Truth Almost Extinct in Tales of Imperiled Species 145
' 3 Disappearing Species, Deforestation, and Data 149
Part 3 Population Growth 159
10 World Population Growth: Facts and Consequences 162
11 Why Do We Still Think Babies Cause Poverty 174
12 Population Growth and Scientific Evidence 188
13 A Parable of Racquetball, Squash, and Population Growth at
U. of I. 191
14 The Impending Shortage of People 194
15 China and Trashy Western Population Ideas 199
Part 4 Population Policies, Programs, and Beliefs 203
16 The Role of Foreign Aid for Population Assistance 207
17 Policy Issues at the 1984 World Population Conference 216
18 The War on People 220
19 Why Is the United States Trying to Reduce Black Births? 224
20 China’s "Voluntary" Population Policy—and Ours 231
21 Re-Thinking the Jewish View of the "Population Explosion" 236
22 The Church’s Responsibility to Teach the Value of Life: A
Surprising Dialogue between Catholic and Jew 239
23 People Are Not the Problem 253
24 New Cure for the Jobs Shortage 256
Part 5 Immigration 261
25 Don't Close Our Borders 264
26 Immigrants Are Paying Customers 268
27 Adding Up the Costs of Our New Immigrants 271
28 Immigration Does Not Displace Natives from Jobs 275
29 A Parable Illustrating the Effects of Immigration 277
30 In Favor of Immigration 282
31 Auction the Right to Be an Immigrant 289
32 Raise Immigration Quotas, Not Taxes 295
33 Let Some "Illegals" Come Temporarily to the U.S. 297
34 Do Aliens Make Us Scofflaws? 300
Part 6 Failed Prophecies and the Doomsaying Establishment 305
35 Anti-Growth Prophets Use Crackcd Crystal Balls 311
36 Should We Heed the Prophets of Doom? 314
37 Global Confusion, 1980: Л Hurd Look al I he Global 2000
38 Introduction to The Resourceful Earth 336
39 An Interchange with Paul Ehrlich 359
40 Is the Era of Limits Running Out? A Conversation with
Garrett Hardin and Julian Simon 381
41 Global Foresight Bills: The Danger of Centralized Data
Sources 405
Part 7 Progress, World Views, and Modes of Thought 419
42 Forecasting the Long-Term Trend of Raw Material Availability 422
43 Are We at a Long-Run Turning Point Now? 433
44 Knowledge in the Future 440
45 A Unifying Concept to Support the Vision of Eternal Progress 444
46 Now (I Think) I Understand the Ecologists Better 452
47 Dump on Us, Baby, We Need It 458
48 Bunkrapt: The Abstractions that Lead to Scares about
Resources and Population Growth 461
I’art 8 Publication, Funding, and the Population Establishment 479
49 Sometimes the Truth Will Out. . . but Even Then Barely 482
50 Adventures Getting Truth Published in the United States 494
51 The "Global 2000" Juggernaut 506
V) Review of Population Growth and Economic Development:
Policy Questions 516
*>7 The Population Establishment, Corruption, and Reform 529
*18 Population Control and the High Moral Ground 557
Index 567

Population Matters People, Resources, Environment, and Immigration
Since 1970, Julian Simon has been challenging the doomsayers and their conventional beliefs with his controversial popular essays based upon his technical research. These are his central messages: Raw materials and energy are getting less scarce. The world's food supply is improving. Pollution in the United States has been decreasing. Population growth has long-term benefits, though added people are a burden in the short run. The United States benefits from more immigrants.

These assertions have stood the test of time. In contrast, the conventional beliefs of the doomsayers have been entirely falsified by events during the last two decades. And in response, the professional consensus has largely changed. Such institutions as the World Bank and the National Academy of Sciences have recanted their former views.

The central issue is the effects of the number of people upon the standard of living, with special attention to raw materials and the environment. On balance, the long-run effects are positive. The mechanism works as follows: Population growth and increase of income expand demand, forcing up prices of natural resources. The increased prices trigger the search for new supplies, and eventually new sources and substitutes are found. These discoveries leave humanity better off than if the shortages had not occurred.

The structure of society determines the speed of development. With economic liberty, population growth causes fewer short-run
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