Insight Guides: India

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  •  12-9-2017
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Издателство:Apa Productions
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): 780 Формат: 155 / 255 Състояние: Добро
India - the world’s most exotic destination. The land of maharajahs and the Raj, Krishna, Buddha, Shah Jahan, Gandhi and Nehru, saffron, silk, and spices, towering Himalayan moun-tains and luxuriant Southern beaches, ancient Hindu shrines and magnificent Muslim monuments, erotic temple carvings and 1 sensuous Odissi dancers.

India, the book is a rich mirror held up to all things Indian. In another of its award-winning Insight Guides series, Apa Productions leads you directly into the heart of the subcontinent. Turn the pages of India and discover a country and a culture rich and varied beyond measure.

A superbly qualified team of talented Indian writers and photo-graphers have written and photographed much of this book, pro-! viding a uniquely indigenous perspective. Some keenly perceptive; foreign writers and photographers have also contributed. Recent events have brought India more and more to the center of the world stage. Just as all eyes are once again on India, an Insight Guide captures the true and complex unity of this most diverse and beautiful land.

Забележка: Здраво книжно тяло, без подчертавания в текста. С посвещение. Безплатна доставка над 50.00 лв.

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