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The Merciful Women

Неизползвана книга, като нова. Прочети повече

Un tesoro tracio

Английски език Прочети повече

Since we love

Английски език Прочети повече

Keys to Happiness

Английски език Прочети повече

Palace of Gold and Light

Treasures from the Topkapi, Istanbul Прочети повече

The Silk Roads

A New History of the World Прочети повече

Birdsong. Sebastian Faulks

'Ambitious, outrageous, poignant, sleep-disturbing, Birdsong is not a perfect novel—just a great one' Simon Schama, The NewYorker 'An amazing book — among the most stirringly erotic I have read for years.. .1 have read it and re-read it and can think of no other novel for many, many years that has so moved me or stimulated in me so much reflection… Прочети повече

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Eat Pray Love

One Woman's Search for Everything Прочети повече

Irreparable Harm

A Novel Randy Singer serves as general counsel for the North American Mission Board and on the Board of Legal Advisors for the American Center for Law and Justice, a public service law firm that defends religious freedom both in the United States and abroad. He spent twelve years as a trial lawyer in one of Virginia's largest law firms, working… Прочети повече